Let's Talk About Faith

If you know me, you know I'm not one to talk about controversial subjects. Actually, I avoid politics and religion all together. I've been known to smile and nod politely until I can quickly escape the conversation or change the subject. 

9 New Year Resolutions for 2019

Hi loves,

I've been gone for a good minute from my blog, haven't I? What can I say, life got a little crazy this past year. As I reflected on the highs (there were a lot of those!) and some lows (those were very low), I realized I have more goals than ever for this coming year. It's not just the fact that I'll be turning 25 this year, which OMG, is actually the craziest thing ever because that was the age where I thought I would have my entire life together. A big L O L to that. I feel like no matter how put together my life is, there's always parts of it I'm working to improve. Which is why these resolutions at the beginning of the year keep me so in check. So here are mine for this year, and I'd love to hear yours too!