My Favorite Lipsticks Under $10

Hi beauuuuutiful people!

I'm so excited to share with you today one of my most requested posts - what my favorite least expensive lipsticks are! This is a great question because if we're all being honest, makeup products can get SO expensive sometimes. And I'm someone who loves to have a blue toned red and a warm toned red and a red that has both tones... you get what I mean hehe. So below I've rounded up not just any lipsticks under 10 dollars, but my personal faves. These have been tired, tested, and loveeeed by me over the years! So, enjoy! Alsoooo if you end up purchasing one - let me know how you like it!

12 Things I Learned This Year - Month by Month

Hello loves! Today I felt like sharing something personal with you, so I resorted to writing up 12 things I've learned this year (sorted by months). I went through a lot this year! I graduated from the University of Washington, started working a big girl job or two, worked really hard on Life of Aani, you know, all that good good stuff ;)