A Simple (and comfy) Outfit For School (#1)

It's a pretty known fact that I love dressing up and getting ready. However, I really don't like to wake up before 8am on any given day. Thus, almost every morning, all I want to wear is my favorite pair of yoga leggings, a sweatshirt, and pull off that "athleisure" look I see everywhere. It doesn't help that I'm taking 18 credits this quarter, applying for post-grad jobs and attending interviews, blogging, and trying to have a little bit of fun my senior year at UW among many other things. I have some tricks up my sleeve about not wearing work-out clothes every day but still being comfy and looking like you actually tried! Here's what I decide to wear when I wake up late and just cannot wear leggings for the 4th day in a row to class.

Why You'll Love Shopping From Local Boutiques

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend a fashion show for a local Seattle brand: Kahini Kreative. I had so much fun looking at the custom made pieces and designs. Today, I want to share with you why shopping at boutiques is something I love doing, my favorite designs from the Kahini Fashion Show, and what I wore to the event.

How I Edit My Photos for Instagram

Seattle, WA, USA
Some of the most frequently asked questions I get asked are about how I edit photos. I'm a designer, so obviously I swear by Lightroom, Photoshop, and anything else Adobe has blessed us with. However, because I edit most of my photos whenever I get the time (i.e. the bus, during a boring class lecture, or right before bed), I've nailed down a pretty good routine to edit pictures on my iPhone. Of course, each photo has a different routine but this is a general outline using my most used apps! Follow along to see how I take the photo on the right (yellow light, blemishes on walls, unfiltered, etc.) to the one on the left.

How To: Easy Bohemian Style

With Spring here and Coachella preparations everywhere I look, I've been sporting bohemian styles way more than usual. I'm a pretty preppy girl, and used to think Blair Waldorf was my one and only style icon. Lately, I've been living a much busier life and exploring new trends and styles has become very common for me. One piece of clothing I always end up buying is full sleeved maxi dresses! They're something that you can wear year-round, and you don't have to worry about outerwear because it has sleeves. It's the perfect lazy-girl trick to looking extra fabulous in no time. Scroll on to my favorite tips to getting a perfectly imperfect Bohemian Style.