New Hair, New Year: Gene Juarez Salon

Every single year I try to grow out my hair, but after it reaches a certain length (usually around chest level), it stops growing. Lucky for me, that's usually also around the time I need a change every year. Even thought I get trims every 2-3 months, I love having a drastic change to start of the year. This year, I went from blunt cut balayage at chest length to a short very texturized bob with face framing layers. This was all thanks to Gene Juarez Salon and my lovely hairstylist Clarissa. I love going to her because she always takes my locks from flat to fab. I asked for lots of texture and it make sure it didn't look like a "soccer mom haircut" and she did just that! 

Expressions of Style Fashion Show

Today I wanted to talk about my experience at the Expressions of Style Fashion show that took place in Redmond, Washington on December 10th. The fashion show focused on modest beauty and featured international fashion designers as well as some local ones. 

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by The Seattle Times for my opinion on this event! You can read that article here

Read more about the fashion show here and here



I'm so excited to be launching this blog finally! As some of you may know, I used to be a pretty avid blogger a few years ago but slowed down when I started college. I've been finding the Instagram and blogging community so supportive and exciting that I decided I wanted to start blogging again!