Valentine's Day Maxi Dresses

Helloooooo my loves!

When I think of Valentine's Day I think of super romantic vibes! I'm talking your favorite flowers, the chocolate you crave all the time, and a lot of sweet time with your special someone. I also think about lace, silk, and fabric that just flows. This is why I think Valentine's Day is the perfect chance to rock a maxi dress! My favorite part about maxi dresses is how easy to dress down or dress up they are, but they make you look like you're a million bucks.

My daily makeup routine

I get a lot of questions about my every day makeup routine and the products I use! Here’s a list of what that looks like if I’m heading to work (or other weekday tingssss)! I've listed or linked all the products below! If a product couldn't be found online, I just linked a similar one instead :)