My Favorite Lipsticks Under $10

Hi beauuuuutiful people!

I'm so excited to share with you today one of my most requested posts - what my favorite least expensive lipsticks are! This is a great question because if we're all being honest, makeup products can get SO expensive sometimes. And I'm someone who loves to have a blue toned red and a warm toned red and a red that has both tones... you get what I mean hehe. So below I've rounded up not just any lipsticks under 10 dollars, but my personal faves. These have been tired, tested, and loveeeed by me over the years! So, enjoy! Alsoooo if you end up purchasing one - let me know how you like it!

12 Things I Learned This Year - Month by Month

Hello loves! Today I felt like sharing something personal with you, so I resorted to writing up 12 things I've learned this year (sorted by months). I went through a lot this year! I graduated from the University of Washington, started working a big girl job or two, worked really hard on Life of Aani, you know, all that good good stuff ;)

14 Tips For Someone Starting A New Job

Hello my beautiful readers! Let's talk about careers and working today!

Life update: I'm so excited to share with you some great news! I started a new job! For a while now, (basically since around April of this year) I've been searching for a job that I thought was my dream job. Since I graduated this past Spring, I did have a job lined up for after graduation but within the first few days I knew that the office environment and role itself wasn't really for me. I ended up reducing my hours at that job and taking on a bunch of freelance projects to keep myself busy. However, I was still unhappy and didn't actually ever feel excited about going into work. Thus began the job application process once again!

embracing your uniqueness

Recently, a few blogger friends and I collaborated on a project called #CallToCulture. This really got me thinking about what makes me unique and how beautiful it is that none of us are completely alike. Growing up, I always wanted to fit in. I think that's what everyone wants when they're in elementary school, middle school, high school, and even in college. I had this idea in my head that if I dressed like everyone else, talked like them, and died my hair like them I would have a life similar to theirs. I quickly realized that no matter what I did, I would never be exactly like some of my friends and my life would never be identical to theirs. Throughout college is when I really began to love this fact instead of fighting it.

Why You Need Lash Extensions In Your Life ASAP

So if there's one thing I get asked about on the daily now, it's my LASHES! Anyone that knows me or has followed me for a while, knows that ya girl LOVES big, dramatic, and fluffy as can be eye lashes. Here are the top reasons why I think you should consider getting lash extensions, things to know before you get them, and details about which ones I have! 

It's Time To Start Loving Yourself

So almost every single time I meet up with any one of my single friends (and sometimes not-so-single friends) I always notice the same thing happening. We end up on any topic and it always ends with me having to reassure them how great they are. Whether it’s boys, school, hobbies, or even a quick picture posted on Instagram – we can all be so insecure about ourselves. The thing with me is that I’m pretty obsessed with myself. Believe it or not, I’m probably too confident in myself. At the end of the day, I know that I’m an exceptional person/partner and I’m always on top of everything I need to be doing. So with this attitude comes a life of everything you want. When you love yourself, you’re confident, and when you’re confident you’re happy, and when you’re happy you’re a magnet for everything and anything you desire. Okay, okay, let’s dive right into it then! Here’s 10 tips to becoming more confident in yourself and really begin loving yourself!

The Long Awaited Q&A

This is soooo long delayed but here are a bunch of questions that were rotting in my Instagram DMs that I sorted out and answered for you! I know there's a few new people following so hopefully these help you get to know me a little bit better!

16 Ways to Cultivate Happiness and Positivity Into Your Everyday Life

One of the things I always get asked is how I remain so "jolly" all the time. I used to totally credit it to being born an overly excited person (😅). However, lately I’ve realized that being happy is almost a skill, and the more you practice it the more you'll cultivate joy and happiness into your life. When you're happy you're literally a magnet for whatever you desire. So today I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite tips to nourish and grow joy into your everyday life:

An Evening at the Chocolate Factory

There's a few things every Seattleite loves and Theo Chocolate is definitely one of them! Not only are their chocolates and desserts SUPER YUMMY but they're also just a very ethical brand that's passionate about doing good, being good, and giving back! So really, what's not to love?! When I was asked to attend a preview night for their Theo Chocolate S’mores Days: August 10 – 11, 2017 this past Thursday, I cleared my evening to make sure I could attend. Keep on reading to find out what I wore, what my favorite Theo desserts are, and a little bit more about Theo Chocolate!

7 Tips on How To Start Saying YES

Hello! Today's post was inspired by some pictures I found going through my camera roll app. This past Spring, I walked in a Fashion Show, hosted by Macy's, with 5 other Seattle blogger babes. It has been one of my favorite moments since I started blogging and it would have never happened if I hadn't said YES to the opportunity even though it was a little outside of my usual comfort zone. Since the middle of my sophomore year of college, I promised myself that I would try everything at least once if it came my way. More than that, when it got to my junior year of college, I actually sought out opportunities that made me a little uncomfortable but that I had never done before just because I knew that college was the perfect time to explore new things! My senior year had me SO busy and presented me with so many different and new opportunities that I had to plan out and make time for all the new things I wanted to try. I think each year was a different experience for me, but the good part was that I could see myself climbing up the steps and reaching milestones that I had set for myself. Saying yes to new adventures and opportunities has truly changed my life for the better and made me the person I am today! So today, I want to share with you: How To Start Saying YES!

Blue Nile Summer Rooftop Party

Hellooooo beautiful readers! I'm so happy to finally share with you the events of the Blue Nile Blogger Event I attended a few weeks back. I can't believe I've just gotten the time to share about it because I had so much fun at it and completely fell in love with their new Summer pieces! Honestly, everything I share with you, I really do love very much and would never bring something to your attention if I didn't absolutely think it was worth sharing. This has to be one of my favorite brands because of the quality, craftsmanship, and designs. 

6 Months of Blogging!

A couple days ago, I spent the afternoon talking things over with one of my best friends. She had been out of the country and traveling, but we picked up right where we left off. Every time I talk to her in these long conversations of ours, I always end up learning more about myself. This time, I really got to reflect on my blogging journey and what's come of it. In the last year, my life has taken some drastic turns and changes. When I launched my Instagram in July and my blog in December of 2016, I had no idea how much it would help me grow as a person and how drastically different my life would look like thanks to it. I can say that it’s been one of the greatest blessings in my life to date. 

Seattle VIS & What I Wore to the Launch Pary

Hello! So many of you have been asking me questions about the event I attended last Thursday that I decided a blog post was necessary for me to share the details of the FABULOUS event hosted by Nikki Davis and her new clothing line! All the details are below about the event, what I wore, and an amazing (and adorable!) new clothing line you should really be on the lookout for! 

July 4th Lookbook: An On-Trend Red, White, and Blue Look

I've had so much fun sharing this 4th of July Lookbook with you! This is the last post (3/3) that I'll be posting for it. That being said, this is probably the look I'll end up wearing myself for the holiday! Some of my favorite trends for the season have been incorporated in it, and I felt so comfortable and confident in it which I think is the most important part of any outfit. Plus, I think this one is the most red, white, and blue out of all of them :)

July 4th Lookbook: A Comfy and Casual Look

Everyone needs an outfit that's comfy for the holidays. Personally, I loveee to dress up and be all decked out on any holiday, but I know that anything more than a couple hours of it is going to have me tired (especially my feet after some time in heels!). Thus, the 2nd look in my 4th of July Lookbook is super casual and comfy. This look would work really well if your plans are similar to staying in during the holiday and having friends/family over or maybe heading to a local park to watch fireworks. 

July 4th Lookbook: An Effortless Day to Night Look

Is it just me or did the month of June really fly by? I can't believe it's only a few days until 4th of July. No matter how you plan on spending this holiday, I have you covered with what to wear! I'll be sharing 3 different outfit ideas on my blog: an easy day to night look, a super casual yet trendy look, and a very patriotic red, white, and blue look. The first look I want to share with you is a look that's super easy to transition from day to night. I'd wear this to brunch with friends and then change things up for a night of celebrations later on. I loved incorporating red, white, and blue into this look but still being able to keep it wearable for everyday. All the links to these pieces are going to be at the very end! The slides I'm wearing are literally under $20! 

My Graduation Party ft. Kendra Scott

As many of you know or have seen, I almost always have a dainty necklace around my neck. I've always felt like it was just enough for any occasion. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry was recently replaced by a Kendra Scott Alicia Necklace because of how intricate the details on it were. The clasp was so easy to open and close, the metal of the necklace was the perfect shade of gold, even the gem in the middle helped accentuate my skin's natural undertones. I quickly fell in love with the brand and began collecting all sorts of jewelry from Kendra Scott. 

17 Tips From A 2017 Graduating University Senior

I can't believe how fast college went by, and now my graduation ceremony is in less than 2 weeks! It feels like it was a year ago that I was graduating high school. On the other end, writing this post is something I've been waiting a long time to do. I've gathered all of my wisdom in my 4 years at the University of Washington and am ready to pass it down (haha). Today, I'm getting a little personal. So bare with me because all these might not apply to you, but if I were to tell my younger sister some tips when she enters college, this would be it. Also, it wouldn't be a completed post if I didn't share some outfit tips, so that's below as well! 

5 Tips for Attending A Blogger Event

What's a blogger event? I'm so glad you asked! A blogger event is an event where a brand, organization, or person hosts an event (i.e. fashion show, happy hour, workshop) and invites bloggers, influencers, etc. to come together for some time. A blogger event I attended this past year included a fashion panel and show hosted by Neiman Marcus at the Bravern in Bellevue, Washington. Even though I shop frequently at the store, it was so nice to go in for a private event filled with mocktails, my favorite blogger friends, and an inside early scoop on their upcoming Cusp department for the Spring Season. Even though blogger events are SO much fun, they can be a bit of a challenge to navigate. Here are my tips to attending a blogger event successfully! 

A Simple (and comfy) Outfit For School (#1)

It's a pretty known fact that I love dressing up and getting ready. However, I really don't like to wake up before 8am on any given day. Thus, almost every morning, all I want to wear is my favorite pair of yoga leggings, a sweatshirt, and pull off that "athleisure" look I see everywhere. It doesn't help that I'm taking 18 credits this quarter, applying for post-grad jobs and attending interviews, blogging, and trying to have a little bit of fun my senior year at UW among many other things. I have some tricks up my sleeve about not wearing work-out clothes every day but still being comfy and looking like you actually tried! Here's what I decide to wear when I wake up late and just cannot wear leggings for the 4th day in a row to class.

Why You'll Love Shopping From Local Boutiques

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend a fashion show for a local Seattle brand: Kahini Kreative. I had so much fun looking at the custom made pieces and designs. Today, I want to share with you why shopping at boutiques is something I love doing, my favorite designs from the Kahini Fashion Show, and what I wore to the event.

How I Edit My Photos for Instagram

Seattle, WA, USA
Some of the most frequently asked questions I get asked are about how I edit photos. I'm a designer, so obviously I swear by Lightroom, Photoshop, and anything else Adobe has blessed us with. However, because I edit most of my photos whenever I get the time (i.e. the bus, during a boring class lecture, or right before bed), I've nailed down a pretty good routine to edit pictures on my iPhone. Of course, each photo has a different routine but this is a general outline using my most used apps! Follow along to see how I take the photo on the right (yellow light, blemishes on walls, unfiltered, etc.) to the one on the left.

How To: Easy Bohemian Style

With Spring here and Coachella preparations everywhere I look, I've been sporting bohemian styles way more than usual. I'm a pretty preppy girl, and used to think Blair Waldorf was my one and only style icon. Lately, I've been living a much busier life and exploring new trends and styles has become very common for me. One piece of clothing I always end up buying is full sleeved maxi dresses! They're something that you can wear year-round, and you don't have to worry about outerwear because it has sleeves. It's the perfect lazy-girl trick to looking extra fabulous in no time. Scroll on to my favorite tips to getting a perfectly imperfect Bohemian Style.

The Essential Accessory of 2017 - Baseball Caps

I don't know about you, but I can't go anywhere without seeing baseball caps nowadays! They've become such an essential in my wardrobe. It's the perfect accessory to complete any look. The cap I'm wearing in the photos below is one from A Breath of Mehek on Instagram! It reads my name "Aania" in Arabic and is custom embroidered! I love that it's unique and that you can request to get anything you want written on it! I've been wearing it non-stop! In the pictures below, I went for the ultimate basic-girl look and paired my hat with a satin bomber jacket with embroidered sleeves, a white shirt, gold earring hoops, black jeggings (SO comfy!), and my favorite white canvas sneakers.   

National Puppy Day & The Seattle Humane Society

If you should know one thing about me, and only one, it should be that I love animals! I love pets the most though because they provide so much companionship, unconditional love and support, and a sense of responsibility. That's why, for this National Puppy Day (March 23rd) I teamed up with the Seattle Humane Society to shed a light on their amazing shelter and adoptable pets! Everyone needs a pet, and there's nothing better than saving a pet's life by adopting a shelter animal. Below, you can find out details about the shelter, the perks to adopting from a shelter, and ways to help animals in need.

Spring Open House: Zoe's Events

This past Tuesday evening, I was invited to attend the most stunning event! The event was an Open House or feature of Zoe's Event Space, an event planning service and location located in Capitol Hill. There was great music, delicious food, and I felt very pampered! The location and vibe of the room was as "Seattle" as it gets. It was the perfect place to have a wedding, party, or other celebration. I love attending events at such beautiful places that make me fall in love with Seattle all over again! My favorite parts of the night included getting to learn how to make floral crowns with Thatch Floral (who always amazes me with her floral skills), enjoying my time in the lovely courtyard outside, and listening to the band

Being A Brown Girl In The US

If you didn't know, my parents are from Pakistan. My family immigrated to the United States when I was very young. I love being the fusion of cultures. My favorite things from Pakistan are the clothes and food, but I also love the opportunities, freedom, and mindset that I have because I was raised in the US. Anything that is a fusion of these cultures is something I adore and appreciate. 

15 Pieces Of Advice For My 15 Year Old Self

Hello beautiful readers,

I'm starting a new series dedicated to High School. I'll be sharing tips on beauty (makeup, hair, skincare), outfit suggestions, personal advice, and much more every once in a while. This was inspired by my younger sister, Mina. Seeing her enter high school has brought me back seven years ago when I had began my freshman year at the same high school. There's so many things I wish I would have done differently now that I think about it. For one, I wouldn't have wore black eyeliner as the only makeup and only on my waterline. I also would have applied to internships earlier and volunteered at one organization I was super passionate about rather than ten random ones I didn't care about. 

Skin That Glows!

If you know me, you know I LOVE skin care! I truly believe that beauty starts from the skin. This is why I was so excited to pair up with Dua Body! They have a skin care line that is all natural and free of all synthetics, parabens, artificial colors, chemicals, perfumes, or any other toxic ingredients. My skin is sensitive, but even if it wasn't, I wouldn't want to put any of those things on it. Simple and natural ingredients are exactly what skincare should be. I believe that the all natural ingredients in Dua Body skincare have really made a difference to how soft and gentle and fresh my skin feels. I've even gotten compliments on my skin since I began using their products. 

Comfy Heels, Smudge-Proof Makeup, And More Ways To Have The Best Night Out

One thing I really enjoy is a fun night out! As a full time student, it's the perfect way to get my mind away from every day stresses and activities and enjoy a night filled with friends and fun. Last weekend, I went to one of my favorite kinds of events - an event that incorporated my Pakistani background! I loved getting dressed in Pakistani clothes and hanging out with my girl friends! It was a night of dressing up, dancing, and lots of laughs.  Thus, I wanted to share my tips on how to have a great night out!

Blanket Scarves!

I'm so excited to write about my favorite cozy accessory for this Winter season! I'm not someone that enjoys life without the sun too much. That's pretty funny because I'm from Seattle and we don't get a lot of sun as it is! On a cold day, all I want to do is snuggle up under a blanket and drink some hot tea. Blanket scarves make it fashionable and possible to walk around with a blanket on you! I have a bunch of them! My favorites are this plaid one and another one that's black and white one! They can go with everything and make you feel like you’re under a big blanket when you’re actually at work (hehe). Often times, my work office or the library I’m studying in would get cold and I loved to unravel my blanket scarf and make it an actual blanket to drape over me! So comfy, and so warm!

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance Palette

This palette is everything! The beautiful velvet cased shadows come in 11 matte shades and 3 metallic shades. A dual sided brush and mirror is also included. This palette offers the perfect selection of bronze, nude, and berry shades! The shadows can be worn dry for a pigmented wash of color or applied with a damp brush for that extra added drama! The shadows are also super soft and easy to blend. 

Favorite Lipsticks: Milani Cosmetics

Okay, so it's pretty obvious I'm a big fan of Milani Cosmetics. Their products come in the most gorgeous packaging, smell heavenly, and are just plain amazing quality! I've tried almost every product they've put on the market from their eyeshadows to their foundations to their beautiful blushes and much more. 

Drug Store Makeup Tutorial

I've been getting a few questions regarding my favorite drugstore products so I thought I'd make a tutorial using them! Some drug store products really are as good (or even better) than high end products! Just remember to do your research and go in with a list to the drugstore because the makeup aisle is always SO big and can be intimidating. Unlike Sephora or Ulta, not a lot of the sales people know much about makeup. If you have any questions about any of these products feel free to send me a message or comment below!