16 Ways to Cultivate Happiness and Positivity Into Your Everyday Life

One of the things I always get asked is how I remain so "jolly" all the time. I used to totally credit it to being born an overly excited person (😅). However, lately I’ve realized that being happy is almost a skill, and the more you practice it the more you'll cultivate joy and happiness into your life. When you're happy you're literally a magnet for whatever you desire. So today I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite tips to nourish and grow joy into your everyday life:

An Evening at the Chocolate Factory

There's a few things every Seattleite loves and Theo Chocolate is definitely one of them! Not only are their chocolates and desserts SUPER YUMMY but they're also just a very ethical brand that's passionate about doing good, being good, and giving back! So really, what's not to love?! When I was asked to attend a preview night for their Theo Chocolate S’mores Days: August 10 – 11, 2017 this past Thursday, I cleared my evening to make sure I could attend. Keep on reading to find out what I wore, what my favorite Theo desserts are, and a little bit more about Theo Chocolate!

7 Tips on How To Start Saying YES

Hello! Today's post was inspired by some pictures I found going through my camera roll app. This past Spring, I walked in a Fashion Show, hosted by Macy's, with 5 other Seattle blogger babes. It has been one of my favorite moments since I started blogging and it would have never happened if I hadn't said YES to the opportunity even though it was a little outside of my usual comfort zone. Since the middle of my sophomore year of college, I promised myself that I would try everything at least once if it came my way. More than that, when it got to my junior year of college, I actually sought out opportunities that made me a little uncomfortable but that I had never done before just because I knew that college was the perfect time to explore new things! My senior year had me SO busy and presented me with so many different and new opportunities that I had to plan out and make time for all the new things I wanted to try. I think each year was a different experience for me, but the good part was that I could see myself climbing up the steps and reaching milestones that I had set for myself. Saying yes to new adventures and opportunities has truly changed my life for the better and made me the person I am today! So today, I want to share with you: How To Start Saying YES!