Blanket Scarves!

I'm so excited to write about my favorite cozy accessory for this Winter season! I'm not someone that enjoys life without the sun too much. That's pretty funny because I'm from Seattle and we don't get a lot of sun as it is! On a cold day, all I want to do is snuggle up under a blanket and drink some hot tea. Blanket scarves make it fashionable and possible to walk around with a blanket on you! I have a bunch of them! My favorites are this plaid one and another one that's black and white one! They can go with everything and make you feel like you’re under a big blanket when you’re actually at work (hehe). Often times, my work office or the library I’m studying in would get cold and I loved to unravel my blanket scarf and make it an actual blanket to drape over me! So comfy, and so warm!

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance Palette

This palette is everything! The beautiful velvet cased shadows come in 11 matte shades and 3 metallic shades. A dual sided brush and mirror is also included. This palette offers the perfect selection of bronze, nude, and berry shades! The shadows can be worn dry for a pigmented wash of color or applied with a damp brush for that extra added drama! The shadows are also super soft and easy to blend. 

Favorite Lipsticks: Milani Cosmetics

Okay, so it's pretty obvious I'm a big fan of Milani Cosmetics. Their products come in the most gorgeous packaging, smell heavenly, and are just plain amazing quality! I've tried almost every product they've put on the market from their eyeshadows to their foundations to their beautiful blushes and much more. 

Drug Store Makeup Tutorial

I've been getting a few questions regarding my favorite drugstore products so I thought I'd make a tutorial using them! Some drug store products really are as good (or even better) than high end products! Just remember to do your research and go in with a list to the drugstore because the makeup aisle is always SO big and can be intimidating. Unlike Sephora or Ulta, not a lot of the sales people know much about makeup. If you have any questions about any of these products feel free to send me a message or comment below!