My daily makeup routine

I get a lot of questions about my every day makeup routine and the products I use! Here’s a list of what that looks like if I’m heading to work (or other weekday tingssss)! I've listed or linked all the products below! If a product couldn't be found online, I just linked a similar one instead :)

  1. I start every other morning off with a gentle exfoliator. My favorite rn is the @dua_body chocolate scrub 😍
  2. Moisturize using a face oil - lately I’ve been using organic coconut oil from @traderjoe because I love a dewy look. If you don’t have combination or dry skin you can skip this step 
  3. Use a damp @beautyblender to apply your foundation. For every day I like to use a drugstore foundation. My favorites rn are the @milanicosmetics 2in1 or the @wetnwildbeauty one! They’re so full coverage but you don’t feel guilty about using them a ton. 
  4. I then apply bronzer (@benefitcosmetics hoola bronzer)) and blush (I use a different one every day but I like berry or coral shades the most). My favorite blushes are from @toofaced and @milanicosmetics
  5. Apply concealer. I’m lovinggg @lorealmakeup true match concealer for full coverage and @rimmellondonus match perfection concealer for brightening up areas. Either way I apply my concealer and then let it rest for a few minutes before using a beauty blender to blend it out. This helps it give a little bit more coverage. I apply concealer only to my under eyes, but you can apply it anywhere you need it for coverage or brightening
  6. Bake! I love baking with a translucent powder. My favorite is from @lauramercier! I tap a little out on the lid and then press my beautyblender in the powder and then dab that gently wherever I applied my concealer or need my makeup to stay the longest. After a few minutes, I gently brush this off with a super soft fluffy brush (I love the @ecotools brushes!).
  7. Hightligher is my favorite part! I take a very gentle amount of highlight using my ring finer and apply it under my brow arch, the highest points of my cheeks, and the tip of my nose. My go to highlighters are from @anastasiabeverlyhills.
  8. For my lips, I always go with a brown nude if it’s day to day. My favorite is @kyliecosmetics Dolce brown. Sometimes I’ll mix a little @anastasiabeverlyhills Sepia for a darker brown. If I’m feeling super fun, I’ll apply a matte mauve shade tho! Oooh I always use a brown lip liner instead of a pinkish one, I think this gives my lips more dimension.
  9. I comb through my lashes! Having lash extensions has been the biggest time saver because I rarely put on eyeshadow or eyeliner now! I get my lashes done at Noir Lash Lounge in (Belltown) Seattle, Washington! It’s a super luxurious place and I always feel very pampered. Also all the lash gals are super friendly and sweet!

I think the thing that makes the biggest difference for how much makeup I wear on a daily basis is how good my skin is looking without it. To maintain my healthy skin, I love getting regular facials! I also think maintaining my eyebrows through threading or waxing helps me feel the most confident. Lastly, I think never going to bed with make up on and having a good nightly skin routine helps me wake up feeling the most confident! 

I hope that helps!

Aani <3


  1. I've always wondered how you do your makeup so this is super helpful! Plus the mix of affordable products makes my wallet very happy. Saving this page!

  2. Love this!! And I love your blog ♥️

  3. Yay, thanks for sharing.