Favorite Lipsticks: Milani Cosmetics

Okay, so it's pretty obvious I'm a big fan of Milani Cosmetics. Their products come in the most gorgeous packaging, smell heavenly, and are just plain amazing quality! I've tried almost every product they've put on the market from their eyeshadows to their foundations to their beautiful blushes and much more. 

Their lipsticks though are a very favorite of mine. They come in matte and satin finishes and in almost every shade you could think up of! Below are some of my very favorite shades from their Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks (only $6!) - 

  • Fearless - a vampy plum color that always makes me feel bold 
  • Iconic - a true red color that's neither cool/warm so it looks good on everyone
  • Darling - a great everyday lavender pink shade (this is totally my my-lips-but-better shade!)
  • Naked - a medium nude shade that's a total dupe for KatVonD's Bow and Arrow
  • Blissful - a perfect girly blush pink shade that's perfect for the day time
The lasting power on these lip sticks is great for non-liquid lipstick. I find that some days I just want a moisturizing matte lip color so instead of reaching for a liquid lipstick, these are the puppies I always go to! I even pick them over my MAC lipsticks because they're equally as pigmented and literally less than half the price! If you're at the drugstore or Ulta, this is one lipstick I would definitely recommend trying!


  1. I love Milani lipstick! my favorite shade is flirty matte, it is the lipstick that I automatically reach for!

  2. I love blissful it's the perfect go to lipstick!


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