Blanket Scarves!

I'm so excited to write about my favorite cozy accessory for this Winter season! I'm not someone that enjoys life without the sun too much. That's pretty funny because I'm from Seattle and we don't get a lot of sun as it is! On a cold day, all I want to do is snuggle up under a blanket and drink some hot tea. Blanket scarves make it fashionable and possible to walk around with a blanket on you! I have a bunch of them! My favorites are this plaid one and another one that's black and white one! They can go with everything and make you feel like you’re under a big blanket when you’re actually at work (hehe). Often times, my work office or the library I’m studying in would get cold and I loved to unravel my blanket scarf and make it an actual blanket to drape over me! So comfy, and so warm!

I usually get mine from Nordstrom, Macys, Aldo, or H&M. Check out some here!

How to Style a Blanket Scarf ~
There’s a lot of ways to style a blanket scarf which just means you can wear them all the time and for many occasions! My favorite ways are the following 3! Let me know which one your favorite is! Let’s bring coziness back into fashion! 

1. Folded diagonally - this style is perfect for a busy day! It keeps your front warm and it's super easy to set! I take the square blanket scarf and fold it diagonally to make a large triangle. Then I lay the triangle in my front and overlap the other corners of the triangle behind my neck and then let them hand on the side of the triangle in front. 

2. Down the middle - I love folding the scarf a bunch of times to make it pretty thin and then wearing it around my neck! It's comfier than a regular scarf and much warmer too. Plus, when I get extra cold, I can just undo it and snuggle underneath it like an actual blanket! 

3. Draped over the shoulders - This one is my favorite for those not too chilly Winter days! I love wearing shawls and big scarves over my shoulders because they keep me so warm! Sometimes, I use a skinny belt and tie it around m waist to secure the scarf! This is the warmest way to wear a blanket scarf and also the comfiest! It definitly makes me feel like I'm walking aorund with a big blanket! 

What are your favorite ways to style a blanket scarf or other winter accessories? I'd love to hear! Leave me a comment below or feel free to message me! 


  1. I'm obsessed with your style! I love all the different scarf styles, this is definitely going to come in hand next winter! Love your blog btw! Can't wait for more blog posts!

  2. I like your scarf, but the most I like your hair :)
    By the way I miss the true Polish winter .. now I live in England where it constantly it rains the whole year;)