Comfy Heels, Smudge-Proof Makeup, And More Ways To Have The Best Night Out

One thing I really enjoy is a fun night out! As a full time student, it's the perfect way to get my mind away from every day stresses and activities and enjoy a night filled with friends and fun. Last weekend, I went to one of my favorite kinds of events - an event that incorporated my Pakistani background! I loved getting dressed in Pakistani clothes and hanging out with my girl friends! It was a night of dressing up, dancing, and lots of laughs.  Thus, I wanted to share my tips on how to have a great night out!

I don't know about you but I always need to wear heels on a night out else I just don't feel like I'm done up enough. For night out, I choose heels that are worn in and not taller than 3 inches. I have a couple pairs that are 1.5 inches but don't look like grandma kitten heels - these are always my go-to! Also, if my outfit allows, I like to go for booties! Booties have so much support for your ankles when you're dancing. Lastly, I love wedges! Choose these over your platforms and pumps and you'll be able to still walk home at night while every other girl is carrying her heels in her hands (hehe). I'll link more types I like to wear below! 

Click to see similar items to the ones I own - they're all from Target because great prices and high quality is super important!
Another tip I have is to tape your toes! I know this sounds so silly, but it actually really, really works! No matter how comfy the heel, your feet will thank you for this! *TAPE YOUR THIRD AND FOURTH TOES (the middle toe + the one before your pinky toe) TOGETHER!*

"Here’s the reasoning: there’s a nerve that splits between those two toes, which causes pain when pressure is put upon it (aka when you wear heels). The tape removes strain on the nerve, allowing you to dance the night away."

I have so many long wear makeup tips, but I'm going to share just my very favorite here for the sake of not rambling. I'm someone that like her makeup to look fresh all day long and if it doesn't, I'll literally wash it off and put it all back on before my next event. I'm a student too, so I have classes starting at 9:30am, student groups, work, lunch dates, and I need my makeup to look as fresh at dinner as it did at breakfast. This is no easy task! However, I've found a few things that help lock my makeup on! 

Moisturizer - 
I know most people will say this step isn't very necessary, but I think it's a must! You want your makeup to not cling to the dry spots on your face. Even if you don't have dry spots, this will only help your skin feel fresh a so don't skip it! Also, we'll be putting a lot of mattefying products on our skin to help it from sliding off, so moisturizer will help it to not look cakey. 

Primer - 
The most important thing in my makeup routine is my Makeup Forever Primer! What's the point of spending an hour putting on your makeup if it's not going to last even a couple hours?? Primers helps makeup stay on much longer but it also creates a barrier between your skin and harsh liquid and powder ingredients. There's all sorts of primers on the market to help with every problem you could think up of. I have dry/combination skin so I tend to look for primers that are moisturizing (but also mattefying), pore filling, and long lasting. This is at least what they advertise! Below are 4 of my very favorite primers (one of them is a men's product and is my holy grail everyday primer!). 

  • Nivea Men's Aftershave for Sensitive Skin
    • This is my every day primer! Every beauty guru raved about this mysterious men's product that's super affordable and has the same ingredients as a makeup primer! I use the one for sensitive skin. This fills in my pores, hangs onto my makeup for dear life, mattifys my skin, and I like the manly scent it gives of tbh :)
    • Makeup Forever 
      • Okay, this is another high-end holy grail for me. I LOVE this guy! It's something I never go to a wedding or concert without! When I know I'm going to be seeing a lot of people and I want to look my best after a night of dancing, this is what I always reach for. It's definitely worth the price it makes my skin matte (but not too matte) and really fills in my pores so much that there's not hint of them at all. What I really appreciate about this though is the blurring technology in it. It makes my skin look like it's airbrushed and flawless. 
      • Benefit That Gal
        • It brightens, fills in my pores, and helps my makeup last longer! It's a pretty great primer.
        • Too Faced
          • I love this primer for those days where you need a pick me up. It has a nice scent and definitely helps me brighten up and my makeup glide on. 

            Feel free to try out your own primers and please let me know if you have a favorite one that's not on this tiny list! I love trying new primers! 

            Layering Creams With Powders - 
            This is one of my all time favorite little tricks! People always ask me how my contour and highlight survived the long day, and this is how! I layer my cream products under my powder products! For example, I use the
            Anastasia Cream Contour Kit and then I'll go on top of it with my Anastasia Powder Contour Kit. And I do the same for my highlight - first I'll use a cream highlighting product like the Benefit High Beam and then I'll place my Anastasia Glow Kit powder highlight on top of it! I'll also make sure to this with my liquid foundation. So, after I apply my foundation, I'll go in with a translucent powder and brush it all over my face to "set" it. 

            BATHROOM HACK! 
            You know those pieces of tissue paper you use to cover the toilet seat before siting down? Turns out they're the same type of paper that the big brands like Nutrogena and others use in their oil blotting sheets! So if you're getting oily or sweaty from dancing away the night, rip a little part of the paper and use it to blot your face! You'll be oil free and you won't have to lug around more stuff in your fanny pack. 

            These are the things I always have in my purse, clutch, fanny pack, back pocket, or where ever you store your personal items on a night out. 
            • Phone 
              • I'm pretty sure I'd die without this buddy of mine. I use it for taking photos, ordering Lyft, and rounding up the group at the end of the night
            • Hair tie
              • We all know how tired we get of our hair 5 minutes into dancing
            • Flat card case 
              • This is for your parking, event fee, or even just munchies afterwards
            • Lip product
              • I always carry the backup lipstick I'm wearing because that's one thing I always manage to fade super fast. 
            • Bandaid, safety pin, perfume sample
              • I bring one of these (but only if I'm bringing a purse and I have room in it)


            I hope this list of things and tips has helped you out! This is probably the longest post I've written, but it was so fun to write I just couldn't help myself. Let me know if you have any other tips of a night out below in the comments!



            1. Loved reading this post! You look radiant!

            2. Your makeup always looks so pretty! I love High Beam! :)