5 Tips for Attending A Blogger Event

What's a blogger event? I'm so glad you asked! A blogger event is an event where a brand, organization, or person hosts an event (i.e. fashion show, happy hour, workshop) and invites bloggers, influencers, etc. to come together for some time. A blogger event I attended this past year included a fashion panel and show hosted by Neiman Marcus at the Bravern in Bellevue, Washington. Even though I shop frequently at the store, it was so nice to go in for a private event filled with mocktails, my favorite blogger friends, and an inside early scoop on their upcoming Cusp department for the Spring Season. Even though blogger events are SO much fun, they can be a bit of a challenge to navigate. Here are my tips to attending a blogger event successfully! 

All pictures in this post are from the Neiman Marcus Spring Cusp Event Fashion Panel from this past March!

If You're a Blogger

  • Talk to as many people as possible. Being social and networking is what a lot of fellow bloggers come to these events for. Gather business cards and make plans to meet up afterwards. My personal favorite part of these events is making friends! 
  • Listen to what people are saying! Going to an event where there's so many conversations happening at one time can be intimidating and loud. Make sure you're actually listening to the person talking with you. If you can't, let them know so they don't think otherwise. If the event is hosted by a specific brand, make sure to engage with the brand and learn more about it! 
  • Bring business cards. Often times there's brand representatives, other bloggers, and important people that would love to network with you. Having a card means that you'll be able to share your contact information easily. Plus, it shows that you are an actual brand. 
  • Capture the event well, maybe even make a blog post about it and share what you learned. So make sure to take photos yourself, bring a photographer, or credit the photographer whose photos you use. Ooh, and don't forget to use the hashtag (if there is one) from the event in your photos. (Pro tip: brands love when you tag them after an event of theirs in an Instagram pic or blog post)
  • Wear something you love and is relevant to your sense of style. You're a unique person and what you bring to the table no one else will be able to. Your outfit will also be your first impression, so make sure it's something that represents yourself. I like to bring a few statement pieces with me that I know will be conversational. To this event, I wore a bell sleeved top with flowers and flower names printed on it, a metallic pink pleated midi skirt, a bright vintage YSL clutch, and some burgundy heels. 

If You're a Guest of a Blogger
Sometimes bloggers will invite their friends or guests to their events. This is an amazing opportunity and gift! These events are so much fun and so exclusive, so it's important to show appreciation to the host or the friend that invited you. If you're feeling overwhelmed about attending your first blogger event as a guest, here are my tips for you!
  • Make sure to thank your friend for inviting you. They're not required to bring a guest and if they went ahead and got you in to the event or thought about including you, it's a big deal. If you post Snaps or a picture from the event, make sure to give their account a shoutout. Great friendships are always mutually benefiting. 
  • Volunteer to take photos of your friend, or be willing to if he/she asks. They would love the help!
  • Don't go overboard on the drinks/food, that's not the purpose of the event. (Unless this is an event focused on eating haha.)
  • This is a great opportunity to dress your best and have some fun with your outfit choices. Wear something you think will be appropriate for the event but put your own spin on it! If you're not sure what to wear, ask you blogger friend to help you decide! 
  • Be nice and professional. These events are a way for your friend to market themselves and network with other bloggers. If you're there, you're also representing your friend with everything you say/do. It's okay to have fun, but keeping that in mind is important!

If You're a Brand 
  • Have business cards (and plenty of them) on hand! There's been so many times when a brand has wanted to connect with me but has run out of cards. There's so many brands at some of these blogger events, it's much easier to follow up if there's clearly-branded cards exchanged. 
  • Bring a sample of your product if possible. Something that can easily show bloggers what your product/idea is will make it easier for bloggers to recognize and understand your brand. 
  • Communicate during and after the event. Reach out to bloggers or people that you've met that you would like to keep in touch with after the event. Let them know you'll be doing so at the event so that it's on their radar.

I hope these tips are of help to you! If you have any questions or comments, or tips of your own, let me know below!



  1. Great advice!! I tend to get overwhelmed intimidated at those events so perfecting what a college professor once referred to as my "elevator pitch" really helped me hone not only my personal branding but also communicate that in a concise way to brands.

  2. You are so good at what you do! I can read your passion for blogging in the lines <3 Much love!