7 Tips on How To Start Saying YES

Hello! Today's post was inspired by some pictures I found going through my camera roll app. This past Spring, I walked in a Fashion Show, hosted by Macy's, with 5 other Seattle blogger babes. It has been one of my favorite moments since I started blogging and it would have never happened if I hadn't said YES to the opportunity even though it was a little outside of my usual comfort zone. Since the middle of my sophomore year of college, I promised myself that I would try everything at least once if it came my way. More than that, when it got to my junior year of college, I actually sought out opportunities that made me a little uncomfortable but that I had never done before just because I knew that college was the perfect time to explore new things! My senior year had me SO busy and presented me with so many different and new opportunities that I had to plan out and make time for all the new things I wanted to try. I think each year was a different experience for me, but the good part was that I could see myself climbing up the steps and reaching milestones that I had set for myself. Saying yes to new adventures and opportunities has truly changed my life for the better and made me the person I am today! So today, I want to share with you: How To Start Saying YES!

Keep in mind that saying yes is hard and saying no is easy. It's easy to turn down opportunities and not take risks, but the experiences that come out of saying yes are invigorating and can be life changing! Saying yes means requires action, risk, and commitment. It hasn't always been easy for me to adapt to this mindset. I actually have a really hard time making decisions but the following tips really help me decide and start saying yes! 

Here's some tips to start your life on the path of saying yes! 

  • Start small - don't try climbing Mt. Everest if you've never been on a hike before. Make small changes like if you usually text your friends, try calling them or if you usually say no to going out on Friday nights, say yes. 
  • Say yes to one new thing every week - finally say yes to the co-worker that's asked you to lunch 5 times, help someone move, go for a 12 mile hike, or try a new order for your morning caffeine fix.
  • Be MINDFUL - do what you want to and don't do what you don't want to. Always listen to your gut feeling. One thing that I always do when I get scared and want to say no is question where that fear is coming from and ask myself these two questions: "Why am I saying no? What would happen if I said yes?". These questions have always helped point me in the right direction. Sometimes, I'll take a day to think about them before deciding my final answer. 
  • Fake it until you make it! I always say this and live by it on a daily basis. You know that friend that's really good at life and super confident? Be like him/her and just do what you think he/she would do if they were in this position. Pretty soon it'll come naturally to you!
  • Ask yourself: "What is the worst/best thing that could happen?". If the positives outweigh the downsides, you have to say yes! 
  • Learn from your experiences! It's okay if you tried something and it ended up not working out. The fact that you took the risk is what matters, learned from the experience, and picked yourself up afterwards is what will make you a better and wiser person. Another saying I like to live by is: "It's better to have live a life of 'oh wells' that 'what ifs'".
  • Look back on the times where you did say yes even though it would've been easier to say no. Did those times help you grow as a person? Were they times you would've missed out on if you had said no? These memories will make it easier for you to kick fear out of your head and become more comfortable saying yes!
I've attached some photos below of the Macy's Spring Fashion Show I walked in! It was such a fun experience and I'm SO happy I said yes to participating in it! 

Photos by Jenna Lynn Photography

Aani xoxo


  1. First of all. I love your outfit.
    Second, your post is really so inspiring. I loved and I am seeing myself working with these tips.

  2. So Inspiring ♡