16 Ways to Cultivate Happiness and Positivity Into Your Everyday Life

One of the things I always get asked is how I remain so "jolly" all the time. I used to totally credit it to being born an overly excited person (😅). However, lately I’ve realized that being happy is almost a skill, and the more you practice it the more you'll cultivate joy and happiness into your life. When you're happy you're literally a magnet for whatever you desire. So today I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite tips to nourish and grow joy into your everyday life:

  1. Consciously decide and choose to be happy on a daily basis. When life gets tough, choose to view the glass as half full not half empty. 
  2. Enjoy the present. The present is a present and if you keep worrying about the future you're not able to enjoy the only thing you can control (the moment right now) 
  3. Be your true self! Once you allow yourself to be your authentic self you’ll experience a joy that true and at the highest level. 
  4. It’s not big deal. Ask yourself why you’re bothered or upset by something. Is it really worth giving up your happiness for? The answer is almost always no. 
  5. End toxic relationships. If someone is bringing your down, wish them well and go separate ways. It’s better to focus on relationships that uplift you and allow your best self to come forward. 
  6. Have big goals but take small steps towards them. Don't expect to run a mile one day and then a marathon the next. Pace yourself but continue to work on these passions of yours. That's where your fire lives. 
  7. Say NO to the things that don’t make you happy and say YES to the things that do. It’s as simple as that. Every yes and no is a gift you give to yourself. 
  8. Forgive. Once you let go of these negative feelings you'll have so much more space for love, joy, and miracles to appear in your life. 
  9. Cultivate a spiritual connection with a Higher Power. Having an understanding and relationship with your personal faith can lead to certainty that your life is unfolding just the way it’s supposed to and in divine perfection.
  10. Do things just because they’re fun and because you want to! When there’s nothing to check off a list, no agenda, and no expectations, those are the experiences that will bring you the most joy. 
  11. Never compare yourself. Focus on yourself and doing your best.
  12. Love yourself. You can’t be fully happy if you don’t love and nurture your body and soul. Be in love with yourself and if you’re not, find ways to fall in love with yourself everyday. 
  13. Look at the obstacles in your life as opportunities made for you to grow and expand in order to experience happiness like never before. 
  14. Know that ONLY YOU can make yourself truly happy. Don’t depend on anyone else to do so. You’re powerful and you can make anything you desire a reality. 
  15. Savor it! Think back to the last time you savored a dessert, a sunset, a kiss, or a hug. Anything remotely simple that you choose to savor becomes so magnificent. 
  16. Be thankful! Practice giving gratitude for everything you already have in yourself and what is yet to come. This will always bring you joy by opening your eyes to all the beautiful and joyful things that are already overflowing in your life.

I hope these tips were helpful to you in one way or another! I've linked all the info to my outfit pieces below! 

Top: Tie Back Ruffle Sleeve Top from TopShop
Pants: Cropped Trousers with Tie from Zara
Shoes: Lace Up Heeled Sandals from Madden Girl

Aani <3


  1. This is a perfect post as usual. I love your outfit as well.

  2. This is such a great post! I just followed your blog & I hope you could take the time to check mine out as well. I love connecting with other bloggers who have similar interests and style as I do. Much love!

  3. Lovely photos! You seem to be a very jolly person indeed!
    Number 6 is my favorite :)