It's Time To Start Loving Yourself

So almost every single time I meet up with any one of my single friends (and sometimes not-so-single friends) I always notice the same thing happening. We end up on any topic and it always ends with me having to reassure them how great they are. Whether it’s boys, school, hobbies, or even a quick picture posted on Instagram – we can all be so insecure about ourselves. The thing with me is that I’m pretty obsessed with myself. Believe it or not, I’m probably too confident in myself. At the end of the day, I know that I’m an exceptional person/partner and I’m always on top of everything I need to be doing. So with this attitude comes a life of everything you want. When you love yourself, you’re confident, and when you’re confident you’re happy, and when you’re happy you’re a magnet for everything and anything you desire. Okay, okay, let’s dive right into it then! Here’s 10 tips to becoming more confident in yourself and really begin loving yourself!

  1. Start every morning with daily affirmations. While getting ready every morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself 5 things you love about yourself. Mine today were: I love how giving I can be. I love how brown my eyes are. I love my current nail polish color. I love my subtle smile. I love how much I love things. What are your 5 things? Tell yourself daily what you love about yourself, and I promise you'll feel loved all day long. 
    1. If you can't think of 5 here's 5 for you: "I am Strong. I am Good Enough. I love My Body. I am Beautiful/Handsome. I am Loved by so many."
  2. Get ready for the day. Even on the days when I'm only going to the grocery store, I like to do my hair or my makeup or put on my favorite pair of jeans. When we look good, we feel good. When you look and feel good, you'll love yourself so much more. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and the best version of yourself. 
  3. Put on your sexiest undergarments. This is just for you and I promise you'll feel your best. I have a serious problem with buying cute matching sets of undergarments because they make my body feel spoiled and special and loved. 
  4. Take charge of your health. Start by scheduling a doctor’s appointment. Schedule a dentist appointment. Schedule and eye appointment. See what’s up with your body. See what it needs to feel it’s best. Take your daily vitamins and anything else your body needs to feel it’s best and be performing it’s best.
  5. Work out. I’m somebody that hates working out. Like the idea of making my body tired on purpose just never makes sense to me. BUT, every single time I sign up for a Pilates, Dance, Yoga, or any other group workout class, my mood and self-esteem always sky rockets. The second I get out of an intense dance class, I think I’m the sexiest lil thing alive. If you’re less of a group person, try signing up for a gym membership, or even better just try to get in a 30 minute walk/jog/run a few times a week.
  6. Keep a journal! Omg, I probably sound like a broken record on my blog. I say this all the time! One of the best things I learned early on in college was to keep a journal. I didn't used to write in it on a daily basis, but I remember reaching for it when I had a really bad day and it helped me so much more than ranting to a friend or a family member because I could go back and look at it a year later and see the progress I had made in my life. It's also nice when it's 3am and everyone on your group chat is a sleep but you just need to let it out. 
  7. Take note of the things that make you feel insecure. Write them down so you can actually acknowledge and address them and then start taking actions to change them. Most of my insecurities have always been internal ones rather than physical ones when it comes down to the core of it. 
  8. Fix what can be fixed, but realize nobody is perfect. If you're waiting to be perfect before you love yourself, you're going to be waiting for a really long time. 
  9. Start loving yourself regardless of these insecurities. Everyone has things about themselves that they don't love but the fact of the matter is that not matter those things, you are worth a lot of love. The longer we dwell on the things we don't love the longer we miss out on the love we deserve to give ourselves. 
  10. Surround yourself with people who love and uplift you. This is so important! Sometimes the people we are around are who we get our positive or negative energies from. Make sure that the people around you and helping you love yourself and not bring you down. 
  11. Don't put your happiness in anyone else's hands. You should be the person that brings yourself the most joy. People come and go and have been known to disappoint. Someone who will never stop loving and caring for you is you. 
  12. Make time for the things that make you happy. You know what makes you the happiest so set time aside for it. I know that if I go a few days without going out with my friends, it brings me down. So before the week starts, I arrange a few nights where I get to see my friends, go out, meet new people, and have fun because that's what makes me the happiest. Get your own daily/weekly/monthly routine to make sure that you're scheduling happiness in your life. 
  13. Be good at life. You're probably laughing right now, but honestly, it's not super hard to be good at life. Do what you need to figure out what it takes, and then start being good in every aspect of life. Do really good in school. Go out and be as social as you can be. Get a cool job that makes you excited to wake up in the morning. Whatever it is that makes you feel happy and successful, do that and put your all into it. 
  14. Be good to other people. I'm a huge believer in Karma so what I give is what I get. I love taking steps to make sure I'm a good daughter, friend, partner, and sister. Be conscious of what it takes to be good in your role in any of these and make sure you're doing your part or more than you should be. 
  15. Hold others to a higher standard. I'm SO tired of seeing my friends getting walked over or treated like anything less than a princess should be. When you really love yourself, you don't tolerate bad behavior, attitudes, and people in your life. If someone isn't treating you like a princess, let them know that you're not someone that tolerates that. If it continues, it's probably time to distance yourself from that person. 
  16. Do things by yourself. You should be your own best friend, lover, and soulmate. Take yourself out to dinner, buy yourself flowers, and treat yourself every chance you get. Who better to spoil then yourself?!
  17. Quit bad habits. I do this all the time! I find something that's causing me harm, and I promise myself that I'll stop doing it in a week. If you're tired of a boy that takes forever to reply, cut him off. If you're always biting your nails and you hate it, promise yourself you'll stop. Basically anything that's not bringing you joy and you've always wanted to stop doing, now is the time (like start today, rn, right this second). 
  18. Keep going! Some days are harder than others to be in a super jolly mood and keep your head held high, but keep going. Tell yourself that you deserve to be happy and push through it.


  1. Some great ideas in there for sure, but I can't get over THOSE PHOTOS! They are STUNNING!! The box pleats on your dresses give such a rich detail!