Why You Need Lash Extensions In Your Life ASAP

So if there's one thing I get asked about on the daily now, it's my LASHES! Anyone that knows me or has followed me for a while, knows that ya girl LOVES big, dramatic, and fluffy as can be eye lashes. Here are the top reasons why I think you should consider getting lash extensions, things to know before you get them, and details about which ones I have! 

All About My Lash Extensions! 

  • Where I go - I go to The Lash Fanatics in Renton, Washington. It’s super close to Seattle and I chose it because I personally saw Rachel’s work on a mutual friends lashes. I became obsessed with how flawless and natural they looked! 
  • Why I tell everyone about Rachel - her lash process is so fast, painless (I have super sensitive Lashes and eyes), and you don’t have to wait 24 hours before your washing your lashes or getting them wet. 
  • I LOVE dramatic Lashes. I like to wake up looking like I’m glammed up and fabulous and that’s what I asked Rachel for. I got the Volume 3D full set lashes. I’m so happy with how they look! However, if you like a more natural set, Rachel is also so good at doing that and they look so real but better! 
  • The Lash Fanatics details - 

Things To Know Before Getting Your Lash Extensions! 

  • Depending on where you go, the process takes about 1-2 hours for a full set! I usually take a nap during this time or just relax. Make sure to clear that much of a block in your schedule. 
  • A classic set means adding basically one lash to one of your already there Lashes. A hybrid set means adding a few volume Lashes to the classic set. And a volume set means adding multiple Lashes on a single lash. Know which one you want/need and ask for prices/time based on that. 
  • Your lashes last about 2-3 weeks before you need a fill. If your lashes are put on my a good professional then they should fall natural with your natural lashes. I’ve had mine for a month and they’re still so fluffy and voluminous that I haven’t needed falsies at all. 
  • They don’t need a lot of special care but you should learn to take some steps to prolong their life. Don't use oil based makeup removers or products on your lashes or around them. Comb them out with a mascara brush on the daily. Also make sure that you’re not rubbing your eyes or pulling at your Lashes. Ooh and try to avoid mascara (idk why you would need it because lash extensions can be pretty dramatic)!
  • Make sure to go to a very experienced lash artist! I've heard about horror stories from girls who went to someone inexperienced trying to save a few bucks and got a really bad eye infection or lost all of their lashes! Make sure to go to someone highly recommended (like Rachel from The Lash Fanatics in Renton, Washington) and do your own research before booking your appointment.

Why You Need Lash Extensions In Your Life ASAP!

  • You wake up feeling flawless and glam! It's the best feeling and something every girl should wake up feeling! I love looking in the mirror in the morning and feeling like I'm already glammed up! 
  • Your makeup routine is cut down to half the time! Some days all I wear is a bit of moisturizer now because my lashes make me look so fabulous on their own. When I do wear makeup I don't bother with eyeliner or a lot of eyeshadow because my eyes already look so flawless. 
  • No more dealing with falsies! Without even talking about the cost of good looking false lashes, let's just focus on how unnatural they look and how heavy they feel. My problem with falsies was that I would always want to remove them because of how irritated my eyes would get, within the first few hours. No more of the inner corner of you falsies lifting up by the end of a dinner date. That's the ultimate worst. 
  • Natural looking lashes! People always ask me if I have on falsies or if these are my natural lashes. I love having lashes like these. 
  • You save money! No more spending loads on clumpy mascara, eyelash glue, or expensive falsies. 
  • You get the best nap! So when I go in to get my lashes done, it takes about 1-2 hours for a full set or 30 minutes - 1 hour for a fill. This is the perfect time for a quick nap or just relax and get that "me time" in! 
I hope this helps you decide if you're on the edge of getting lash extensions! Honestly everyone I know has lash extensions and they look SO good! I actually don't think I'll ever stop getting mine filled! Below I've included some random selfies and snaps that I took in the last few weeks since getting my lash extensions! I love that my makeup looks so glam without having to put on heavy falsies every day. I hope these selfies and portraits help show you how the extensions look on a day to day basis!


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  1. You are so right. We all need it, you look great.