14 Tips For Someone Starting A New Job

Hello my beautiful readers! Let's talk about careers and working today!

Life update: I'm so excited to share with you some great news! I started a new job! For a while now, (basically since around April of this year) I've been searching for a job that I thought was my dream job. Since I graduated this past Spring, I did have a job lined up for after graduation but within the first few days I knew that the office environment and role itself wasn't really for me. I ended up reducing my hours at that job and taking on a bunch of freelance projects to keep myself busy. However, I was still unhappy and didn't actually ever feel excited about going into work. Thus began the job application process once again!

I think I probably filled out 300+ application on LinkedIn alone. I applied everywhere I thought I'd be a good fit or that the company culture would match what I was looking for. However, every call back I got or every interview request that I received, I couldn't really see myself getting super excited over. Pretty soon, I stopped applying everywhere and really narrowed my focus to companies in Seattle that I knew I was super passionate about. Pretty soon, I got a call from the company I've always said was my dream company to work for. Not only is their company culture perfect for me, but the work is actually something I think I'm good at and enjoy doing.

I've always been someone that believes that getting what you want is not impossible, it just takes a little time and a lot of effort. I also believe that the wood you chop is the one that keeps you the warmest which is why I think I was so proud of getting this job due to my own hard work. It's awesome to finally have a job that I'm passionate about and happy to do everyday.

So today I wanted to share with you an office appropriate outfit and 14 tips for acing your first few days in the office!
  1. Always say good morning and good night! This helps people know you're in for the day, it's easy to make conversation afterwards, and it's just so easy and nice to do.
  2. If you're heading to the break room/coffee room, ask if anyone around you wants anything
  3. Learn people's names! I'm the worst at remembering names and pronouncing them correctly but I try my hardest to say my coworkers names whenever I can.
  4. Eat lunch with people and set up coffee dates on people's calendars. This is a super easy way to get to know your coworkers outside of work and become closer with them. 
  5. Put away your phone! This one is pretty hard for me because I like to stay up to date with you guys and my email. I'm literally obsessed with checking my email and snapchat. However, looking at your phone during a meeting or being on it during work hours shows others that you're not fully focused or productive as you could be. Try leaving it in your purse for a day or letting it charge at the end of your desk face down. 
  6. Stay organized! This is so much easier if you start from the first day. Name files correctly and store them in folders that are easy to access. Create algorithms and sorting in your inbox so things can automatically go to the folders they need to be in. 
  7. Come early and stay late. This isn't mandatory but don't be late to work or try to leave early (without an excuse) your first few weeks. Working especially hard is a great way to start off your time at this new job.
  8. Ask questions! It's okay to be a little lost your first few days, but if you don't ask questions those days might turn into weeks.
  9. Take notes! Be a sponge and soak in all the new information being given to you. It'll be much easier to remember if you take notes. Plus, you can always go back and visit your notes instead to having to ask someone over and over again. 
  10. Speak up! You deserve to be here, so let your opinion be heard in meetings and or when possible. You're a fresh face to the role, so  you might have feedback or insight that people who have been working here for a while didn't realize or think about. 
  11. Communicate! If you feel like you have too much work or not enough work at all or don't know what you're supposed to be doing, let your manager know. 
  12. Keep personal talk for post-work or lunch breaks. Focus on bonding over work and non-personal topics throughout work hours. 
  13. Be nice! Hold the door open, say please and thank you, let people go first, you know all those good manners your momma taught you. 
  14. Smile! You did it! You got the new job you've worked so hard to get, celebrate yourself and give yourself the chance to be happy! 

What I'm wearing:
Shirt: Nordstrom (savvy department)
Pants: Zara super skinny jeans
Shoes: Macy's tan wedges



  1. A) Congrats Aania!!!!
    B) You look great !!!
    C) Very useful tip. Definitely helpful to me when I start my job.

  2. Love the outfit and you! Always so exciting starting your dream job!! Major congrats!

  3. Awesome is the most appropriate word to portray this blog.