Hair Update!

Hellooooo and happy weekend!

Today I'm sharing a huge hair update with you! My hair had gotten pretty long for me, and this weekend, I pulled the trigger on getting a haircut finally! I loveeee long hair, but after my hair reaches a certain point, it stops growing. I also just feel more like myself with medium or short length hair. I'm a short gal, so obviously having short hair is something that has always just matched.

Where I Went

I went to Elle Marie Hair Studio in Alderwood, Washington. My hair stylists name was Ashlie and she was the sweetest thing! I walked into the salon a good 15 minutes early and she asked me if I wanted something to drink. Then we headed back to the hair cutting station we'd be at. She listened to me explain exactly what I wanted and then asked me questions about how I usually style my hair, what kind of texture it naturally has, and things I liked about the inspiration photos I showed her. By the end of talking about it all, I was super excited!

 How It Happened

We headed back to shampoo/condition my hair, and then came right back to the cutting chair. Ashlie made conversation flow super easy and was SO fast with the scissors. She got the lenght where rightttt where I wanted it to be, then went in to add layers, blend everything together, and add a lot of texture. She was also amaaaazing with the blowdryer and when I asked her for more texture or face framing she was really excited to give me exactly what I wanted. By the time she was about to style my hair, I was already in love with my new look.

Before & After



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