My Signature Curls ft. Kroger Beauty

Hey you, hey!

I wanted to talk to you today about something I've always gotten questions on - my signature curls! I wear these soft, easy curls a lot so let's hop right into it!

The Process

I start out with clean, wet hair. I'm obsessed with first day to second day hair and can hardly ever go a third day without washing my hair because of how much I love the feeling of washing my hair and having it all clean and fresh.

After this, I spray my hair with some heat protectant (I use this TRESemme one!) and then blow dry my hair for maximum volume. My little trick is to blow dry my hair with my head upside down. This gets it to have SO much volume! I love big hair so this step is essential for me.

Then, I like to run a straightener over my hair just to get rid of any frizz. I basically just focus on my top few layers for this. If I'm in the mood, I'll add in my hair extensions too and blend out my natural hair into them with the straightener.

This is where the curling also happens! I take my 1inch straighter and clamp about a 1inch strand of my hair in it. Then, I twist the straightener 180 degrees so that my hair is wrapped around the exterior of the straightener. After this, I slide the straightener down my hair to get a perfect curl. I think curling my hair with a straightener is SO much faster and easier than using a curler and waiting for my hair to curl. Patience is def not one of my top skills.

Finally, and most importantly, I like to spray my hair with hair spray so that everything stays in place and that my curls last the whole day. I especially love to use a spray like Suave Pro Natural Compressed Air Micro Mist Natural Hold Hairspray. It's compressed micro mist means I never get too much hair spray on my hair and it's never sticky to touch. It also has kept my hair curled for SUCH a long time! Go ahead and visit your nearest Fred Meyer or QFC store (part of the Kroger family of stores) for all of your favorite beauty products! That's where I get most of mine!

You can visit Kroger Beauty here. I also posted a bunch of images from the #KrogerBeauty event I attended. Even though this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own :)


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