New Hair, New Year: Gene Juarez Salon

Every single year I try to grow out my hair, but after it reaches a certain length (usually around chest level), it stops growing. Lucky for me, that's usually also around the time I need a change every year. Even thought I get trims every 2-3 months, I love having a drastic change to start of the year. This year, I went from blunt cut balayage at chest length to a short very texturized bob with face framing layers. This was all thanks to Gene Juarez Salon and my lovely hairstylist Clarissa. I love going to her because she always takes my locks from flat to fab. I asked for lots of texture and it make sure it didn't look like a "soccer mom haircut" and she did just that! 

Short hair is perfect because:
  • It takes like 5 minutes for your entire hair to dry
  • It takes like 5 minutes to curl/straighten your entire head
  • Don't have a pony tail? That's okay, you can't tie it up anyways.
  • It goes against old (and nonsense) stereotypes that long hair = feminine 
  • You can look more edgy 
  • A fresh start - goodbye split ends! 
  • Hair flips are still possible and now hair bounces are a thing too
  • You get compliments from people who want to go short too

So if you're thinking of making a change for the new year, I really recommend going short! Plus, it's just hair so if you change your mind, it'll grow out again :)

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  1. Love the hair! I just got mine done the same way a couple of days ago. Also love the girls night out post, the makeup tricks and tips are awesome. Looks like you know how to rock a girls night out.