How To: Easy Bohemian Style

With Spring here and Coachella preparations everywhere I look, I've been sporting bohemian styles way more than usual. I'm a pretty preppy girl, and used to think Blair Waldorf was my one and only style icon. Lately, I've been living a much busier life and exploring new trends and styles has become very common for me. One piece of clothing I always end up buying is full sleeved maxi dresses! They're something that you can wear year-round, and you don't have to worry about outerwear because it has sleeves. It's the perfect lazy-girl trick to looking extra fabulous in no time. Scroll on to my favorite tips to getting a perfectly imperfect Bohemian Style.

I chose to style this floral maxi dress with a lace choker, long wavy hair, wedges, and sunglasses that reminded me of my favorite Beatles song. This outfit is definitely something super easy that I would choose to wear to a music festival! It's easy to customize based on your personal style or weather. I also think it'd be super fun to dance in because long dresses and skirts have so much flow to them. Below, I share with you, my favorite tips to get that perfectly imperfect Bohemian Style we love so much.

Layer, layer, layer! This is key to getting that perfect boho-chic look. I love pairing bralettes with t-shirts, a jean jacket, and a scarf. There's no such thing as too much layering when it comes to this style. You can layer different types of fabric together, or different styles too. 

Use one or two items that are oversized or flow-y. For example, a maxi shirt, a loose flowing blouse, or a blanket scarf. In my look, I chose to purchase this maxi dress in a couple sizes up. I knew I would be layering it with black undergarments and clothing underneath and loved the extra flow of it. Remember to not drown in your own clothes by making sure some pieces of clothing fit much better than others. I have a cinched waist with this flowing dress to make sure I don't get lost in it. 

Get that I-just-left-the-beach-hair. Loose, long wavy hair will go with every bohemian style! The way I get mine is blow drying it after I shower and then using a 1 inch curling wand and wrapping strands of hair around it. After letting my hair cool, I use a wide toothed comb to separate my curls. Finish off with just a touch of hairspray, and you'll have effortless beach hair! If you're not a fan of this style, braids are also a very good choice! My favorite type of braid right now is a fishtail braid, and would do so well with this type of look. 

For this kind of look, you want to stick to makeup that is neutral and simple. Everything about this look is very effortless and easy, so make sure your makeup matches! I like to put on a dewy foundation that makes my skin look flawless and with a very light hand, finish off the rest of my face makeup. I also keep my eye makeup a light and neutral look too. If you go for lashes, make sure they're subtle or natural too. My secret little tip to instantly look more boho, is to use a brown or nude lipstick. Unlike pink or red that will make you look much more girly, a brown or nude will take you to boho-chic in no time. 

Don't forget to accessorize! Use accessories such as fedora hats, hand-made jewelry, and funky glasses to complete your look. I chose some funny old sunglasses in my collection from Forever21, a lace choker, a vintage bracelet, and my favorite watch. All these things helped proceed my maxi dress from romantic to bohemian. I also think my wedges looking vintage helped! 

Lots of Love,


  1. I love how you described how to get your entire look - from hair to make up to what clothes to pair together. These photos are also soo gorgeous!

    xo, emma

  2. Love this! That dress is gorgeous on you!