Why You'll Love Shopping From Local Boutiques

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend a fashion show for a local Seattle brand: Kahini Kreative. I had so much fun looking at the custom made pieces and designs. Today, I want to share with you why shopping at boutiques is something I love doing, my favorite designs from the Kahini Fashion Show, and what I wore to the event.

Shopping at boutiques, local businesses, and small shops is always something my mom and I used to bond over. We used to slip into these stores and try to find the most custom made items that really spoke out to us. What I loved the most about these stores was that most of the pieces or clothes in the store were one of a kind. I loved knowing that my chosen item was something guaranteed to be personal to me.  Additionally, the level of detail each item of clothing held was always exceptional. You could almost see how much time, passion, and love had gone into each part. Also, you never knew what you would find when you entered the store, and that unpredictability made it that much more fun. Lastly, I found things that I had not found anywhere else like embroidered handbags, Indian prints, or the softest cottons. These stores made me fall in love with clothing like never before.
Kahini Kreative Fashion spoke to me on all of these levels. The brand is about expressing yourself through fashion through femininity, sophistication, style and fun. The designers of the Kahini brand believe in one rule of fashion: forget the rules, if you look good in it, wear it! Below you'll find some of my favorite looks from their recent fashion show. You can find more details and pictures about the event here

What I wore to the event: I've been loving bright colors, palazzo pants, bell sleeves, and mixing textures so I decided to pair all of those things together. These mustard colored pants and bell sleeved top reminds me of sunshine and summer. I paired the outfit with some nude flats (and a nude scarf peeping out from my bag) and some long loose waves. 

Do you have any favorite local brands you like to shop from? What's your favorite thing about them? I'd love to hear about it below :)


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  1. I can't get over those pants, they are sooooooooooo funky !