Seattle VIS & What I Wore to the Launch Pary

Hello! So many of you have been asking me questions about the event I attended last Thursday that I decided a blog post was necessary for me to share the details of the FABULOUS event hosted by Nikki Davis and her new clothing line! All the details are below about the event, what I wore, and an amazing (and adorable!) new clothing line you should really be on the lookout for! 

The Event:
I met Nikki at a few Seattle Blogger Events this past year, but even before then, I had always followed her Instagram! She posts the most aesthetically pleasing pictures and I'm always inspired by the gorgeous places in Seattle she visits. Nikki is also the sweetest (and one of the funniest) blogger friends I have. Every time I run into her, she's smiling, being playfully silly, and always has something positive to say. If you haven't checked out her instagram or blog, please do so! So, when Nikki invited me to the launch party for her new clothing line VIS, I had to attend! There were fabulous drinks and desserts and the location was the most Instagram-worthy studio in Seattle I have ever seen! It was great to reconnect with some other blogger friends as well. That's honestly my favorite part about an event like this - getting to see everyone! What made this event especially great was hearing about Nikki's new clothing line! She has AMAZING taste so obvio all the clothes are very stylish, trendy, and on-point, but they're also SO AFFORDABLE! Everything is under $60, so it's like a high quality and more on trend F21! I'm so excited for the line to launch on the 12th of July so you can see some of the pieces I got to preview! I know I'm going to be wanting the entire collection as soon as it's out. 

Nikki's Blog & Instagram
Seattle VIS Instagram & Website 

What I wore: 
Sooo this was not how dressed up I intended to be for this event, but that is actually the literal story of my life for every event I attend. I start getting ready and then can't stop, so I end up being wayyy over dressed and done up. It works out for me usually (haha) and I ended up liking this outfit a lot! I started with a pair of my favorite comfy jegging jeans and a white tank. This tank was a little short for my usual style but because I was running late, I went with it. Then I decided to pair the outfit with this robe/kimono I purchased a few weeks ago. I saw it on the mannequin and knew I had to have it because I love anything that's comfortable but looks fancy. The event was in Pioneer Square which is a neighborhood in Seattle with little parking available so I knew I'd need comfortable heels. These wedges are one of my favorite heels to wear and I could probably run a marathon in them. Okay, not really but you get my point. To wrap things up, I went with all gold jewelry like these long jacket & string earrings, some bracelets, and a thin chain necklace. My hair was my usual long waves but I tucked it all behind my ears and really let my makeup do the talking. Hopefully I'll get around to doing an eye look for you guys soon because this one got so many compliments!

Hope you enjoyed this look inside the fabulous event and the questions about what I wore were answered! If you have any additional questions/comments/etc. feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message! 

Aani xx


  1. This outfit is perfect. I love it.
    But you know what I love more than the outfit, your lashes? What brand are they, because I am obsessed.

  2. Hey!! I am in love with your dress. You look gorgeous in this outfit. My friend is going to arrange a lunch party at one of Seattle venues. I am invited there. Just looking for a fabulous dress for the party. Will check on online store.